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    Ban report format.


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    Ban report format.

    Post  X_kassem on Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:57 pm

    Have you ever been griefed by law breakers? Want to write a report on what happened? Well your at the right place!


    1. Your name:

    2. Type of Report:

    3. What happened:

    4. When did it happen:

    4. Names of accused:

    5. Screenshot/Other Evidence:

    Helpful Tips

    1. (Be Specific).

    Make sure to be specific on what had happened, otherwise this is not helpful to us. Try to account everything the best you can so we can get to the bottom of it better

    2. (Be Honest).

    There is nothing better than being honest, be honest about the event that happened to you. Dont lie just to get someone in trouble. This way you lose friends and end up alone. Be honest about the event and dont lie in your report.

    3. (Have Evidence).

    You need evidence to prove that the event is real. Put in some screenshot's, gather witnesses, anything atleast you'll have backup and we will know it's real.

    BIG NOTE: Only staff post! have evidence for the case is granted permission.

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