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    The introduction of me, Erik_Satie


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    The introduction of me, Erik_Satie

    Post  guy167 on Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:15 am

    Hi! My in-game name is Erik_Satie, I've played this server for a few weeks.
    But I used to be on another server with a few of the staff here.
    I've decided to spend more time here while my server is down, because the VPS cheated Nobody-Inc. and my server out of money, and didn't provide us service.
    PYTO HOST!!!
    I'm used to being admin, or anything of high power. I'll often make ban reports if there is no staff on, and someone is spamming / advertising / caught griefing-in-action.

    My name, Erik Satie, comes from a French pianist and composer. Born in 1866, Paris, France.
    I often make sexist / racial jokes, but I'm neither sexist nor racist, I believe all people deserve the respect they give me.
    For instance, if someone is a dick to me, I'll be a dick to them.

    Good day.

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