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    More advertising for the forums


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    More advertising for the forums

    Post  guy167 on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:16 am

    These forums are inactive, however the more post you get the more popularity you'll get.
    Soon, bots such as 'Google [Bot]' and 'Bing [Bot]' will appear when there is enough post.
    One way ZyncCraft gained new members was through a contest.
    Broadcasdt in-gamet that there is a contest, and to enter you have to register on the forums and requesting to join the contest.

    Offer the winner something good, like enchanted armour or something.
    Offer First, Second, and Third place winners, depending on the ammount of people.

    3 People in = first place only
    6 People = first and second place
    9 Or more = First, second, and third place.

    First place winner gets;
    Fully enchanted diamond sword and armour
    $200,000.00 (in-game money, of course)
    And a choice between 10 different blocks, they'll be able to get 10 of that block.

    Second place gets;
    Diamond sword + armour

    Third place gets;

    Of course, you can change this as you see fit.
    Judge the advertisement by two things;

    how many people attracts, and how much effort was put into it.
    If someone put a lot of effort into an ad, but it only got one or two people, that's great, but not good enough.

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