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    Post  guy167 on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:27 am

    In regards to my advertising post.

    If you'll notice, most large cities have some kind of building, a 'tourst attraction' that gets the attention of thousands of people.
    It depends on what kind of crowd you're going for.

    Town with themes look nice, if a medieval town has a modernish house, it looks weird.
    So, for instance, if there is a large town, styled with modernized decorations, it'll attract people who like to survive with others, and interact with them, but not have to share their stuff.

    Towns with a medieval style decor will attract people who like to survive with others, not have to share, want large castles made of stone or cobble, and don't care if they get to interact with others.

    Just another tip from Mr. Satie. santa

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