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    Ban Appeal TheUndead98

    Post  The-_-Undead-_-98 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:04 am

    Hello, me, TheUndead98, would like to be removed from the ban list. I was going to buy an Enchantment Table, but after seeing the $15,000 price sign, I was thinking that is outrageous. So, I stole it. Well, now I regret it. I lost the chance to play on the server, and the trust of the players. I wanted to have a table for free. Fudgeshop was the ONLY thing I ever griefed. Well, I see my consequences. Anyway, I would like the ban to be appealed. I promise to never, ever, grief FudgeShop, or anything. Please, unban me. Or at least be jailed for a short time.

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