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    Ban Appeal


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    Ban Appeal

    Post  theawesomecletus5000 on Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:28 pm

    Username: Cletus
    Date: 10/19/2012
    Time banned (If known & timezone): I'm not exactly sure, between now and a few days ago

    1. Reason for ban? (If known): I don't know

    2. Who banned you? (If known): Xray

    3. Were you online or offline when you were banned? Offline

    4. What were you doing at the time? (If online) I was offline, but the last time I was on I was fixing my house because someone took just about everything in it, I logged out and a few days later when I tried to login I got the message that I was banned.

    5. Were there any players with a similar name? (If noticed) No

    6. Why should we un-ban you? I never did anything wrong, Iv'e always been a loyal player.

    7. What will you do next time to prevent this from happening again? I don't know

    8. What message is displayed when you try to log into the server? "Disconnected by server" "Banned: Xray"

    9. Were there any witnesses to this who can testify? I don't think so

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